Emergency Department

Our Emergency Department is undergoing a radical period of development and growth and we are looking for talented people to join us and help realise our ambitions to deliver the gold standard of care for our patients.

Why join our Emergency Department?

Our leadership teams are passionate about providing the best possible services for our visitors to the Emergency Department and want you to come help us make this a reality.  With a high emphasis on education you will be fully supported to achieve your potential.

About our Department

Children’s Emergency Department

We have recently launched our dedicated Children’s Emergency Department.  At the heart of this has been a significant growth in our ability to care for children requiring emergency treatment.  

We now have a six fold increase in capacity with a dedicated waiting area for children and adolescents, a dedicated resus and HDU space, as well as clinical isolation cubicles and provisions to support patients with mental health conditions.  

Alongside these new facilities our teams are supported by dedicated play workers and a range of multi-disciplinary experts from across the hospital.

Minor Injuries Unit

The Minor Injuries Unit operates as part of the Emergency Department offering patients presenting with conditions which could be managed in primary care an alternative to the traditional Emergency Department treatment pathways.

The team is led by skilled and experienced GPs to help lead and develop our team of Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants.

The team working within the Minor Injuries Unit have access to the full range of diagnostic tests available to ED.

Rapid Assessment & Treatment

The introduction of 8 brand new Rapid Assessment and Treatment bays has given us the ability to speed up the time from patient’s arrival into the Emergency Department to initial assessment.  This means that our patients are seen quicker.

Older People’s Emergency Department

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is recruiting staff with a passion for caring for Older People as we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our revolutionary new service. Our continued work on Frailty identification and intervention has seen a significant redesign of our services over the last year, leading to the creation of a dedicated Older Peoples ED (OPED), for patients of 80 years and over. OPED  identifies

We have seen a significant decrease in the number of frail elderly admissions and we have also seen a decrease in the length of time our frail elderly spend in hospital. This groundbreaking scheme is the first in the UK and is delivering a dynamic service that meets the needs of an ever growing part of the population.

Our ED Team

Dr Shaun Price

Dr Shaun Price

Consultant, ED

Since ED opened in 2002, attendances have gone from 65,000 a year to more than 150,000. Dr Shaun Price, ED Consultant, has been an emergency doctor for the last four years and says working in the department suits clinicians who like working at a fast pace.

“There is no boredom here,” he said. “I’ve worked on wards before but that doesn’t fit my skill set best. To work in ED you have to be able to adapt to rapid change and make pragmatic decisions under pressure.

“I get a lot of opportunity to teach in this role. You get a lot of variety in the work and I get to do the same as I did when I was junior doctor in terms of diagnosing and treating patients.”

Shoby Sebastian

Shoby Sebastian

Deputy Sister, OPED

Shoby Sebastian, Deputy Sister on OPED, said she loves working at NNUH because of the learning opportunities and helping to make a difference to the older generation.

“When a patient comes in as an emergency, we provide the best care and seeing that patient been discharged home safely brings such happiness and it’s the best reward that I can achieve as a nurse,” she said.

“Caring for the older generation is always my passion as I miss caring for my own parents and grandparents. So when I care for a patient I see my own parents instead. I come to work with a smile and give my 100% when I am here.”

Emma Wolton

Emma Wolton

Children's Emergency Nurse, Children's ED

Emma Wolton, Children’s Emergency Nurse, who joined the Children’s ED last year, said: “The team is great and has really good leadership. This is quite a new department and is developing and is a really nice place to work. It is nice when children are happy and leave with a smile on their face and them coming to ED is not a bad experience for them.”

The ED team is proud to have championed the role of Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs), who are healthcare professionals from a range of professional backgrounds such as nursing, pharmacy, paramedics and occupational therapy.

Lydia Dahl

Lydia Dahl

Newly Qualified Nurse, ED

Another new member of the team is Lydia Dahl who started in September as a newly-qualified nurse. Her passion for emergency care started following a student nursing placement in ED when she was studying at the University of East Anglia.

“I love the people and the team in ED and the different people you meet every day,” she said. “I love caring for patients at a critical and vulnerable time in their lives and making that process for them as comfortable as possible.”

Dr Afzal Alam

Dr Afzal Alam

Junior Clinical Fellow, ED

Dr Afzal Alam, a Junior Clinical Fellow, joined ED last September after studying to become a doctor in Saudi Arabia.

“Initially I was worried about being so far from London,” he said. “Everyone has been so supportive and all staff have been so nice from day one. We have very good consultants who are always on the floor and 24 hour consultant support.”

Danielle Curtis

Danielle Curtis

Senior Healthcare Assistant, ED

Danielle Curtis is a Senior Healthcare Assistant who has worked in the Emergency Department for the last two and a half years. She believes working in ED is very rewarding and that the team in the department are very supportive of both the staff and patients.

“It is so fast paced every day and it is different. I love the job and I am naturally a caring person. When a patient says thank you and appreciates what you do, that is really rewarding. You can only do your job well and make sure the patient experience is the best they can have”

Latest Emergency Department Vacancies

Latest Emergency Department Vacancies

Easton (Emergency Assessment Unit – Surgery)

Our emergency activity within Surgery is managed on Easton Ward and comprises a combination of assessment rooms and short stay inpatient beds.  The unit caters for a range of emergency attendances for all Surgical specialities, covering simple plastics procedures to complex poly-trauma.

The patients journey to Easton is varied either starting in the Emergency Department, GP or surgical clinics.  Patients are allocated same day diagnostic investigations or clinic appointments and the team work closely with the emergency Theatre team to support patient care.  After elective admissions, Easton is the next main route for surgical patients to transfer to inpatient speciality wards where they receive continued care.  Easton is a versatile area for any nurse to work, as it offers a supportive environment for newly qualified nurses, we have a dedicated educator who helps with the transition into registered nursing roles.  This is also the ideal environment for experienced nurses to hone their skills in emergency assessment nursing which is slightly different to an emergency department role.

Cromer Hospital Minor Injuries Unit

Cromer hospital has a long history of providing accident care to its local population and visitors alike, dating as far back to the late 1800s. In the present day, Cromer Minor Injuries Unit is run by Emergency Nurse Practitioners (ENPs), who are experienced nurses and have undergone specific training to assess and treat all forms of minor injury.

These injuries include minor head injuries and minor burns to simple wounds, eye conditions and simple fractures. The team is supported by the x-ray department and computer links to the N&N which allow images to be visualised by senior doctors.

Although Minor Injuries Unit in Cromer does not have a constant flow of ambulances arriving like the larger main site in Norwich, as a nurse-led unit, they see more than 12,000 patients per year and demand increases when the North Norfolk holiday makers visit the coast in the summer months.

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Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is one of the largest employers in Norfolk, our staff work together to provide care for our local population.

We have a huge variety of roles, with opportunity for development and career progression.

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