Oncology & Haematology

When you join our wonderful Oncology & Haematology wards, you’ll embark on a truly rewarding career in a department with modern, innovative facilities and patient care.

Why join us in Oncology & Haematology?

A Major Hub for Cancer Treatment

NNUH is home to one of the largest Oncology and Haematology departments in the UK, and our Weybourne Day Unit has recently undergone a huge expansion project

Endless Opportunities for Nurses

As part of our specialist nursing team, you’ll gain experience in performing acute oncology, radioactive iodine treatment, IV drug therapies and much more

A Leading Authority on Care

Our Acute Oncology and Haematology Service has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence

Highly Rated by Patients

Nine out of 10 cancer patients here at NNUH rated the care they received as ‘very good’ in a recent survey, placing the Trust above the national average rating for patient care and treatment

Our Unit

The Oncology and Haematology wards co-ordinate the provision and development of cancer services across the Trust.

Our aim is to provide the best possible standards of treatment, care and support for patients and carers affected by cancer and haematological conditions.  We offer a professional and friendly service in the most efficient manner possible, using the latest technology and research available to us.

The wards provide inpatient and outpatient Chemotherapy for solid tumours and haematological disorders, Oncology and Haematology Outpatient services, and a variety of Radiotherapy treatments.

Our Staff

Our Consultant team includes our Service Director of Oncology, Clinical Oncologists, Medical Oncologists and Palliative Care Consultants. Other Doctors on the team comprise Specialist Registrars, Junior Doctors and Medical Students, while our Nursing team is led by our Lead Cancer Nurse and supported by a team of Sisters, Oncology Nurse Specialists and Palliative Nurse Specialists. We are also supported by an extensive Radiotherapy team.

The Radiotherapy team is based in our Radiotherapy Treatment suite, which provides radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients. It is a radiographer-led oncology service, where the radiographers are specially trained to administer radiotherapy to cancer patients. They are supported by the clinical oncology team and radiotherapy physics teams.


Our Wards include the newly-refurbished Weybourne Day Unit, our Mulbarton Ward which deals with inpatient Oncology and Haematology services, and the Colney Centre which caters to both outpatients and our Radiotherapy Treatment Suite. We also have a Clinical Trials department and our Radiotherapy Physics department.

The Weybourne Day Unit provides a nurse-led oncology and haematology service.  Specially trained chemotherapy nurses and nurse specialists administer outpatient Chemotherapy regimens, who are supported by the oncology and haematology consultants and a team of doctors specially trained in chemotherapy. On this ward, treatments including Chemotherapy, blood transfusions, biological treatments, stem cell harvesting and venesection take place.

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