Renal Medicine

Are you looking to specialise in an challenging, varied and evolving corner of medicine? If so, Renal could be the ideal place for you…

Why join us in Renal Medicine?

Grow your Skill-set Exponentially

As part of our team, you will become well trained in complex treatment plans, patient discharge and mental health provision

Join an Advanced, Specialised Team

The Renal department has a rich pool of Specialist Nurses keen to impart their knowledge, and help you enhance your patient care

Be Supported Throughout your Career

We are fortunate to have an in-house education Sister who provides a robust induction programme and a period of supernumerary training

Bespoke Rotational Opportunities

As part of our rotation scheme, our nurses can work within and alongside this speciality teams providing in-house and at home care

About our Unit

Our Renal Medicine department includes a range of services for people who have a variety of kidney problems. We operate a 33 bedded inpatient ward where we care for patients with acute kidney injury, diabetes and a range of medical conditions. Acute dialysis and plasma exchange treatments are provided here, too. We also offer 28 haemodialysis stations, facilitating the outpatient dialysis service on the Jack Pryor Unit. This is supported by nine additional haemodialysis stations at Cromer.  Patients on home dialysis and peritoneal dialysis are managed by the home team.

Who We Work With

We work closely with the Diabetes, Cardiology, the Renal Transplant Service and various other Surgical teams.
Jack Pryor Unit

The Jack Pryor Unit is run by consultants and teams of nurses, and looks after renal patients who have elected for haemodialysis treatment. These patients may change to peritoneal dialysis therapy at some stage or receive a kidney transplant. 

All patients living in the area covered by NNUH start their haemodialysis here on the Jack Pryor Unit, but when stable and where possible, patients will do haemodialyis at home because of the benefits this brings. For those who can not manage at home they will continue to dialyse at the Jack Pryor Unit.

Peritoneal Dialysis Unit

This service is for patients who have started the life-long treatment of renal replacement therapy. This department looks after renal patients who have chosen the therapy of peritoneal dialysis, and it has a dedicated team of a consultant and a team of nurses.

We'd love you to join us!

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is one of the largest employers in Norfolk, our staff work together to provide care for our local population.

We have a huge variety of roles, with opportunity for development and career progression.

Thinking of joining us?
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