Theatres & Recovery

The operating theatre and recovery room are pinnacle points in our patients’ surgical journey – be a part of the team facilitating these significant interventions…

Why join us in Theatres & Recovery?

Join a Fast-Paced, Demanding Speciality

Theatres and recovery is the ultimate definition of a multidisciplinary team, working in this challenging and rewarding unit

Patient Focused, Forward-Looking and Innovative

It requires skilled and knowledgeable individuals to come together and work in sophisticated and innovative ways to ensure patient safety, patient experience and excellent patient outcomes.

No Two Days are the Same

Our staff say they enjoy the, variety, fast-pace and flexibility of the working day. “The 1:1 ratio allows me to feel able to really care for my patients,” says one of our Specialist Nurses

Pick up Lifelong Skills

From a 10 minute local anaesthetic skin lesion excision to a 16 hour head and neck procedure – you’ll be involved in surgeries of all length, complexity and type

About our Unit

The main Inpatient Theatres team incorporates 20 Operating Theatres and a central Recovery Unit. Within these, speciality teams include: General, Orthopaedic, Plastic, Gynaecology, Urology, ENT, Maxillo-facial, Paediatric, Thoracic and a comprehensive 24 hour Emergency service.

Care for patients is provided for by highly skilled practitioners using state of the art equipment in a new and modern environment. We also provide a dedicated ‘Parent’s room’ where parents and carers of children undergoing surgery can wait should they wish to.

Our Staff

Our team comprises a number of experts in their respective fields. The Unit is made up of Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Theatre Nurses, Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs), Porters, Theatre Support Workers and Administrative Staff.

The department facilitates a two-year DipHE Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) training programme and valuable placement for a wide range of other health professionals.

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