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Our services for women and children are extensive and expert-led, ensuring that we offer the very best care in female health, through pregnancy, and in early development.
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Broad Spectrum of Career Opportunities

With our department comprising the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital, Maternity, NICU, Gynaecology and Obstetrics services, there are countless ways to grow your skill set

World-Renowned Children’s Hospital

Jenny Lind, one of the oldest and largest children’s units in the eastern region, recently had its aspirational Children’s Strategy approved, which will help to continually improve and grow our services

Leading Authorities in Research

Our maternity and neonatal services are NICU is committed to clinical research and the Trust  has a dedicated neonatal unit research fund to support local projects. Several exciting collaborative clinical research projects are being planned

A Varied Career in Paediatrics

From high-dependency nursing to parenteral nutrition and complex feeding regimes, to administering chemotherapy or nursing children post-surgery, no two days are the same

About Our Unit


The gynaecology outpatients department offers a range of general and specialised clinics, with inpatients staying on Cley ward.

We’re very proud that NNUH has become the first Trust in Norfolk and Suffolk to become a recognised ‘Centre of Excellence’ for urogynaecology. The accreditation by the British Society of Urogynaecology means that NNUH meets the highest UK standards for urogynaecology, a specialist area which looks at the diagnoses and treatment of female pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

We work closely with the gynae-oncology team at NNUH, which provides both diagnostic and specialist care for patients with cancer of the female genital tract including ovarian, endometrial, cervical, vaginal and vulval cancers in line with the IOG guidelines.

Buxton Ward

Our Buxton Ward is an exciting, rewarding and diverse place to work, which was awarded second place in the NNUH Ward of the Year Category at our 2018 Awards. We look after children from birth up to 16 years of age and between 17-19 years for those with complex needs awaiting transition to adult services.

With our recently approved aspirational Children’s Strategy, and being one of the largest children’s units in the eastern region, we are continually seeking to improve and expand our existing services

Maternity Services

Our maternity services are shared between a midwife and consultant team. The team is responsible for our maternity community and tertiary outpatient/ inpatient service.

The service comprises of a fetal medicine centre, consultant led antenatal clinic, antenatal and postnatal ward, low risk birthing unit and high risk delivery suite consisting of triage area, 14 delivery rooms,  two obstetric operating theatres, a bereavement suite and a level 3 neonatal unit.

Our  Midwifery Led Birthing Unit (MLBU) provides women with a “home-from-home” environment in which they can choose to give birth. The unit has four birthing rooms, including three birthing pools.

The hospital has signed up to the National Bereavement Care Pathway (NBCP) for pregnancy and baby loss backed by stillbirth and neonatal death charity, Sands. This pioneering project aims to improve the overall quality of bereavement care for parents and families whose baby has died before, during or shortly after birth.  We have a trained Bereavement Midwife on staff, who supports families experiencing baby loss.

The fetal medicine service accepts referrals from across the region and works with pregnant women where a problem is suspected on a fetal ultrasound, either a structural abnormality such as a cleft lip or cardiac abnormality, or severe growth problems. They also see women who have had babies with abnormalities in the past or where there is a family history of genetic problems.

Women who have an increased risk of chromosome or genetic problems following a screening test i.e. Down syndrome or sickle cell disease, are also seen by the team. If a woman has had certain infections during pregnancy or developed particular blood group antibodies, they are also monitored.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Our NICU, a Level Three regional service, is one of three providing services to the East of England Neonatal Network, and one of two NICUs offering surgical treatment to newborn babies in the East of England.

This level of expertise means that we care for babies with the most complex problems, and who require constant supervision from hospitals across the eastern region.

The Neonatal Outreach Team is based on the NICU. The outreach sisters offer nursing support to a range of premature and newborn infants and their families at home who have been discharged from the NICU and Transitional Care.

The Outreach team, which has been recognised nationally for its dedication and expertise in neonatal community care, provides a range of care provisions including: parental support following discharge of a preterm infant; support with specialist feeding or tube feeding at home; home oxygen; stoma care; blood sampling; palliative care and liaising with community professionals.

Our neonatal unit is committed to clinical research and has an active research programme, including involvement in commercial (industry-sponsored) and non-commercial clinical research studies. We enjoy close research links with academics at the University of East Anglia, and with colleagues in other regional and national neonatal units.


The Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital

The Jenny Lind team, which celebrated its 165th anniversary this year, incorporates Children’s Inpatient, Ambulatory and Outpatient care. We treat children and young people across a broad range of specialities including Paediatric Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedics, ENT and Plastics and offer care to children living in Norfolk and for those accessing specialist treatment across the eastern region.

We have a consultant team of acute general paediatricians, neonatal paediatricians, paediatric surgeons and community paediatricians who contribute to the services here and are supported by an extensive team of specialist nurses and other professionals including physiotherapy, dietetics, speech and language therapy and play specialists.

We also provide an acute emergency service for medical and surgical problems in children from birth, including neonatal intensive care, to 16 years and in some cases beyond.

Outpatient services are available for general paediatric problems as well as specialist clinics in children’s respiratory disease. We also provide specialist surgical and urology clinics for the local population and via outreach clinics to the wider population of Great Yarmouth, King’s Lynn, and Ipswich. We work closely with colleagues in the hospital providing care for children needing orthopaedic surgery, dermatology, plastic surgery, ear nose and throat surgery and ophthalmology care.

There is a large team of experts including medical, surgical, community and neonatal consultants, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietetics, speech and language therapist, play specialists, psychologist and other professionals. This allows the Jenny Lind team to provide high quality multidisciplinary care from birth to adulthood for children and young people with a wide range of medical and surgical problems, whether these are long term or emergency presentations.

Children’s Day Ward

We aim to provide every child and family with the care and support that we would want and to make their experiences of our services as positive as they can be, recognising and being responsive to individual vulnerabilities.

The Children’s Day ward is a four-bed ward which primarily offers an ambulatory service for investigations and treatments from a broad range of specialities including, but not exclusive to, medical, surgical, plastics and orthopaedics, in addition to day surgery and pre-operative assessment clinic.

We are a nurse-led unit, with support from doctors, HCA and specialist nurses. The team undertake specialist investigations such as endocrine, neurology, allergy and phlebotomy for children that are unable to attend the general phlebotomy clinics. Treatments are from specialities such as gastroenterology, rheumatology , oncology and surgical.

The team also provides specialist nurse led clinics such as jaundice clinics with referrals direct from midwives, daily dressing clinics, and seasonal RSV inoculation clinics for babies identified following their discharge from NICU.

Children’s Assessment Unit

Our acute assessment unit is a 10-bed unit, open 24 hours a day, and is made up of a small team of nurses, doctors, APNAP’s, healthcare assistants and an admin team, with support from specialist nurses, play therapists and other allied health professionals.

We work collaboratively with the inpatient ward, day ward and emergency department.

On the ward,  we assess, implement and manage care from multiple specialities such as medical, surgical, ENT, plastics and maxfax. Our recent implementation of criteria-led discharge has further enhanced the patient care we offer, and our positive friends and family poll results support this.

We also support an out of hours ambulatory service to children that continue to need our care without the need for an inpatient bed. We are a direct referral service accepting patients from one day to 16 years of age, from GP’s, the emergency department, community teams and children with direct open access arrangements.

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