Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We’re committed to providing equal opportunity to everyone who uses our services and our staff.

Our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion can’t be separated from our PRIDE values and behaviours, which recognise the important role of our people in providing positive experiences for service users.

Our principle of “Know Your Staff”, our compassionate approach to people management, is integral to leadership and embraces equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Workforce Race Equality Standard

The Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) is the means of helping the NHS as a whole to improve its performance on workforce race equality. The WRES has nine indicators which highlight any differences between the experience and treatment of white staff and BAME staff ,with a view to help organisations close the gaps.

The WRES is a mandatory requirement embedded within the NHS Contract to ensure effective collection, analysis and use of workforce data to address the under-representation of Black Minority Ethnic (BME) staff across the NHS. It requires us to demonstrate progress against the nine indicators specifically focused on race equality.

Workforce Disability Equality Standard

The Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES) is a data-based standard that uses a series of measures to help improve the experiences of disabled staff in the NHS. The 10 evidence-based metrics will enable NHS organisations to compare the reported outcomes and experiences of disabled staff with non-disabled staff.

Staff Networks

As part of our commitment to creating “Our Hospital for All”, our four staff networks help make a positive difference to staff experience and the way we work.

All meet bi-monthly and focus on areas they feel can be improved, giving a voice to staff, who can share their experiences and suggestions and enable us to learn and act. They also help us celebrate diversity with inclusive events.

Everyone is welcome to join – just email EqualityandDiversity@nnuh.nhs.uk.

    NNUH Together Staff Network

    The network focuses on making a positive difference for black and minority ethnic staff and is currently supporting equality in recruitment, inclusive decision-making and open discussions about diversity, as well as continued professional development for black and minority ethnic colleagues.

    The network also looks at analytic data specific to black and minority ethnic staff and their experiences through the Workforce Race Equality Standard. They launched the “NNUH Together” badges and are co-designing an Accelerated Leadership programme.

    LGBT+ Staff Network

    The network focuses on making a positive difference for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, + staff and is focused on assisting with formulating new policies and procedures and reviewing existing policies to ensure inclusivity and enable appropriate support for LGBT+ colleagues.

    They supported the launch of our NHS Rainbow Badges, our Supporting Transgender Staff Guidelines, Transgender Patient Care Policy and Norfolk LGBT Project LGBT+ Awareness Training.

    Diverse Ability Staff Network

    This network focuses on making a positive difference for staff with disabilities or staff who are carers. Its members are focused on raising awareness of disabilities, including hidden disabilities, and how we can provide support.

    They also look at analytic data specific to staff with disabilities or long-term health conditions and their experiences through the Workforce Disability Equality Standard. They have assisted with changes to our Attendance Policy and helped with the launch of our Health Passport.

    Women’s Staff Network

    The Women’s Staff Network focuses on making a positive difference for female staff and is working on the support provided to staff returning from maternity leave who wish to continue breastfeeding, and looking at the impact of menopause. They will also investigate our Gender Pay Gap data and support the actions to make improvements.

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